Course Objective

Python Training Outcomes

1.     Aimed To Prepare You From A Beginner to the Advance Level JOBS 

2.     TCA Training Provides A Gateway to an Impressive Career Opportunity 

3.     Become Industry Ready Professionals By Learning Most In Demand Technology  

4.     Build Career Into A Distinguished And Globally Acknowledged Technology 

5.     Secure an Outstanding Hike of 80 to 100% By Learning Most in Demand Technology

6.     Enables you to gain complete set of technical expertise to clear interviews

7.     Intended to Master You for a Sustainable Career in Most Competitive JOBs

8.     Allows you to explore Cutting-Edge Technology & Hottest Job Market 

Project Submission on Python

1.     One Major Project will be assigned to everyone attending this course with us.

2.     The trainees you required to submit the final projects assigned to the for evaluation.

3.     We will also provide weekly assignments to practice practical aspects of the training

4.     There will be case-studies given to every participant to make entire learning process easier

5.     The Assignments, Case-Studies & Projects performance will affect the gradings during certifications 

Online Evaluation

1.     To become eligible for TCA Certifications every trainee is evaluated 

2.      The evaluation process is done through comprehensive online test

3.     Assignments, Projects & Case-Studies Reports also add-ons to the CERTIFICATION

4.      The grades are decided on the basis of all of the above evaluation factors

Become Python Certified

1.     We provide course completion certificates to all the trainees 

2.     TCA Certificates are valued & recognized by TOP CORPORATES 

3.     For many of the courses we are authorized training partners of various MNCs

4.     The Authorized training partnerships also ads more values to the certifications

100% Job Assured

1.    We provide 100% Placement assurance on completion on the course

2.    Our 3 Years of Free Membership also helps learners in re-placements 

3.    We have got TIE-UPS with many a company for placement services

4.     TCA is the TOP-MOST institution for Corporate Trainings & Leadership Development

5.    Our Corporate Training TIE-UPS further helps industries as well learners for building INDUSTRY-READY-WORKFORCE

6.    We provide Employability-Orientation-Sessions to Make our Trainees INDUSTRY-READY-PROFESSIONALS

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Best Python Training Course in Gurgaon


By Python, we mean a high-level Programming Language, which is about writing codes. It supports the programmers to share their conceptions in a few common “Lines of Code.” It is one of the simplest coding languages when compared to other coding languages such as Java and C++. Researchers have named Python ‘the next big thing’ as it is being preferred by almost every developer both beginners and experienced. It is also a highly paid skill among all the other programming languages in the IT space. It is immeasurably popular and one of the most highly demanded programming languages in the world. Why? Solely because of its universal application. Whether it is Data Science or Big Data or coding and app development it finds applications in all places that’s how multipurpose python is. It has become so popular that students are congregating to learn the language and acquire Python programming skills.

What makes Python so special in this decade and future!

As it is a general-purpose programming language. Most of the job citations have Python somewhere as part of the job description. If you see any review on prevalent programming languages over the last few years, Python always comes on top’s the chart each year. It is globally well supported and adopted by the community. You could use Python in different fields such as the data science, web development, application development, game development, information security, system administration, image processing, multimedia, IoT, and machine learning, etc.

But the thing is, it is getting popular day by day, one the prime reason is software-related services employ millions of people across the globe. Candidates are recruited for different roles in software development. As a Python expert, you will get the opportunity to work in different jobs. You will be working on the design and development of front-end and back-end components. Like you can work on website development with exposure to Django framework&acquaintance to Databases such as MySQL, MongoDB is desirable with SQL knowledge.

TCA’s Python Course:

Keeping in view the tremendous demand for Python, the TCA has commenced the Python Training in Gurgaon. The Python course at TCA includes each aspect of coding from small to large-scale programs. The implication of Python programming is developing along with time, and that is the reason why we have introduced the Python Course for Beginners. TCA offers a comprehensive Python Course that will help you master fundamentals, advanced theoretical concepts like writing scripts, sequence, and file operations in Python while getting hands-on practical experience as our course also consists of assignments and live projects.

On completing the Python certification course successfully, the students will be given a certification from the institute. It will represent the complete knowledge and thorough training obtained throughout the Python training course. Certification will help our students in numerous ways. Moreover, upon thorough learning of our course, the student will be able to create and implement captivating and robust web applications for organizations and industries. TCA’s Python Course in Gurgaon will empower you to outshine the cutthroat competition in the industry. As our thorough Python Training Courses are structured in a way that gives beginners the core skills to get a solid foundation by the time the course is completed. And professional programmers can boost their career options by learning the advanced Python training course. As the No.1 Python Training institute in Gurgaon, our curriculum is considered as the benchmark in this industry. Our Python courses in Gurgaon are available on a daily and weekly basis, we ask you to come to get a free demo class. You will be market-ready and will be able to crack interviews related to the course after the completion of our course.

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Python Training Institute in Gurgaon

Download Curriculum
Syllabus of Python Training in Gurgaon
Module 1 : Python Introduction

ü  Features

ü  Setting Up Path

ü  Working with Python

ü  Basic Syntax

ü  Variable and Data Types

ü  Operator

Module 2 : Conditional Statements
      ü If 
     ü If - else
Module 3 : Loops
ü For 

       ü  While

       ü   Nested-Loop
Module 4 : String Manipulation
ü  Accessing Strings

  ü  Basic Operations

  ü  String Slices

  ü  Functions & Methods
Module 5 : Functions
  • ü  Defining a function
  • ü  Calling a function
  • ü  Types of functions
  •  ü  Function Arguments
  •  ü  Anonymous functions
  •  ü  Global and local variables
Module 6 : Input - Output
  • ü   Printing on screen
  • ü   Reading data from keyboard
  • ü   Opening and closing file
  • ü   Reading and writing files
  • ü   Functions
Module 7 : Exception Handling
  • ü   Exception
  • ü   Exception Handling
  • ü   Except clause
  • ü   Try ? finally clause
  • ü   User Defined Exceptions
Module 8 : OOPS Concepts
  • ü  Class and object
  • ü  Attributes
  • ü  Inheritance
  • ü  Overloading
  • ü  Overriding
  • ü  Data Hiding
Module 9 : Regular Expression
  • ü  Match function
  • ü  Search function   
  • ü  Matching VS Searching
  • ü  Modifiers
  • ü  Patterns
Module 10 : CGI
  • ü Introduction
  • ü Architecture
  • ü CGI environment variable
  • ü GET and POST methods
  • ü Cookies
  • ü File upload
Module 11 : Networking
  • ü   Socket
  • ü   Socket Module
  • ü   Methods
  • ü   Client & Server
  • ü   Internet Modules
Module 12 : Multithreading
  • ü Thread
  • ü Starting a Thread
  • ü Threading Module
  • ü Synchronizing Threads
  • ü Multithreaded Priority Queue
Module 13 : GUI Programming
  • ü Introduction
  • ü Tkinter programming
  • ü Tkinter Widgets
Module 14 : Database
Executing Queries
Handling Errors

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Why Choose TCA as Python Institute in Gurgaon

Live Projects

Exposure to work on real time projects...

Expert Mentors

Learn from certified & experienced trainers ...

Hands on Training

100% Practical based training model...


Get 3 Years Free Membership.

Globally Recognized Certificates

Our Certificates are valued by top corporates...

Affordable Fees

Courses are available at reasonable cost...

Job-Oriented Training

Industry-Endorsed curriculum to you job ready professional..

100% Placement Assistance

Opportunity to get placed in top MNCs....

Key Features

  • Online Live Interactive Sessions Available
  • Small batch size: customizable
  • Weekly Assignments provided
  • Topic wise case-studies provided
  • Prime focus on concept building
  • Employability Orientation Sessions
  • Courses are available at reasonable cost
  • In-depth Study Material with practice set
  • Permanent, full-time, highly qualified and dedicated faculty

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose TCA for Python Training in Gurgaon?

We, at TCA, aim at providing you with the best career that you need. Once you attend our thorough python training course, you will easily find the job you deserve. We provide both classroom training and online training for Python  courses for beginners and experienced. Our special “practical Python  Training in Gurgaon” is the most talked-about thing among our competitors. We deliver unmatched quality of education to our students at affordable fees. TCA helps its students to empower by offering courses based on practical knowledge and theoretical concepts. As it will help them to advance their careers and create sustainable growth in their companies. Our trainers offer inventive learning and growth solutions, covering various areas and industries, tailored to meet your needs by using real-life examples and case studies that clarify the practical applications of the training imparted. As the best python  training institute in gurgaon, our experts give individual attention and post-training support to our students.

What is the eligibility to pursue Python Course?
Any Graduate can learn python because python is a widely used language and hence has got many job profiles options based on your educational background.
Can I learn a Python Course in Gurgaon in 3 Months?
Yes, It is possible to complete a Python Course in Gurgaon in 3 months.
What kind of job opportunity is available after doing a Python Course?

There are 3 major Job Profiles/Job Roles are highly in demand these days,

1st : Full Stack Developer using Python

2nd : Data Analyst

3rd : Data Scientist

You may plan the courses based on your educational background.

Is this course available in the online format?

Yes, We do provide Python Courses in Online as well as Hybrid Mode.

In which cities does TCA Provide Training?

We have got our Offline Training Centers in Sector 14, Gurgaon and Sector 2, Noida.

What are the class timings?

Python Classes in Gurgaon are available with flexible timings as the classes starts at 8AM and closes at 8PM at our learning centers so even the working professionals can also plan to learn in week days.

Who all can pursue TCA’s Python Course?

TCA’s Python  course is well suited for candidates at all levels of experience. Our course is best suited for

  • Any freshers who are interested in building their career in Python 

  • Software Engineers

  • Big Data Professionals

  • Web Developers

  • Software programmers

  • Research Analysts

  • Data Scientists

  • IT Developers

Are you interested to learn Python?
We hope you are clear on the reasons to learn Python ! Python  emerges as the number one programming language in the industry, and if not now, then when to take advantage of this? Irrespective of your educational background and your job profile, you can switch to Python  at any time in your career.
Now there is no need to search Python  training institute near me, Python  course near me, or best Python institute near me. As TCA offers you a wide range of courses by experts in their respective fields. It is an innovative way to explore subjects, you’re passionate about. Find your interests by browsing our courses. Our experts in Training are the best and are dedicated to granting training that can bring the best career for you. It’s a cutthroat competition nowadays across the world. Are you geared up to rise above the rest? To know more about the course contact us.
Does Python Certification require coding?
Python  Certification is all about libraries- pre-written codes by the Python  Certification Devs/Community. All you have to do is to fetch these codes to make your own program(s). In short, it is great! Regarding your question, NO, one does not need to be proficient in C to learn Python . If you want to learn Python , you just need to know basics of programming languages like C and C++. ... Python  Certification has become the most popular language in year 2023. Once you learn Python  Certification thoroughly, it will become easy to find jobs. Many companies are using Python  Certification for developing their websites, GUI development.
Will I Be Given Sufficient Practical Training In TCA’s python training in Gurgaon?

Our courseware is designed to give a hands-on approach to the students in Python . The course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics of each module followed by high-intensity practical sessions reflecting the current challenges and needs of the industry that will demand the students’ time and commitment.

Is it worth learning Python Certification in 2023?

However, the worth of any programming language totally depends upon the tasks to performed, or the field you are going to work it. After intense research, it has found that among all the programming languages, Python Certification has enough reasons to be something worth to learn in 2023. It is always worth to learn programming language is popular and commonly used.... If you consider learning Python Certification to get a job as a software developer, it seems a reasonable choice. TCA is known as the best python raining institute in Gurgaon.

Does Python Certification have a future?
Python  Certification has managed to dominate other programming languages such as Java, C, C++, etc. ... In over the span of 25 years, Python  Certification has managed to reach a level that is high above others making it the fastest growing language. Not only this, but it also has a promising future along with the addition of other technology. The data science, AI and ML has more future for Python  Certification in coming days with the salary hikes in India.

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TCA Certification is ascribed by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after conclusion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher's as well as corporate trainees. Our certification at TCA is accredited worldwide. It proliferations the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC's of the world.

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