Course Objective

Training Outcomes

1.     Aimed To Prepare You From A Beginner to the Advance Level JOBS 

2.     TCA Training Provides A Gateway to an Impressive Career Opportunity 

3.     Become Industry Ready Professionals By Learning Most In Demand Technology  

4.     Build Career Into A Distinguished And Globally Acknowledged Technology 

5.     Secure an Outstanding Hike of 80 to 100% By Learning Most in Demand Technology

6.     Enables you to gain complete set of technical expertise to clear interviews

7.     Intended to Master You for a Sustainable Career in Most Competitive JOBs

8.     Allows you to explore Cutting-Edge Technology & Hottest Job Market

Project Submission

1.     One Major Project will be assigned to everyone attending this course with us.

2.     The trainees you required to submit the final projects assigned to the for evaluation.

3.     We will also provide weekly assignments to practice practical aspects of the training

4.     There will be case-studies given to every participant to make entire learning process easier

5.     The Assignments, Case-Studies & Projects performance will affect the gradings during certifications

Online Evaluation

1.     To become eligible for TCA Certifications every trainee is evaluated 

2.      The evaluation process is done through comprehensive online test

3.     Assignments, Projects & Case-Studies Reports also add-ons to the CERTIFICATION

4.      The grades are decided on the basis of all of the above evaluation factors

Become Certified

1.     We provide course completion certificates to all the trainees 

2.     TCA Certificates are valued & recognized by TOP CORPORATES 

3.     For many of the courses we are authorized training partners of various MNCs

4.     The Authorized training partnerships also ads more values to the certifications

Job Placement Solutions

1.     We provide course completion certificates to all the trainees 

2.     TCA Certificates are valued & recognized by TOP CORPORATES 

3.     For many of the courses we are authorized training partners of various MNCs

4.     The Authorized training partnerships also ads more values to the certifications

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tca india
big data

big data training program


It analytics is the process of gathering, managing, and analyzing large sets of data (Big Data) to uncover patterns and other useful information. These patterns are a minefield of information and analyzing them provides several insights that can be used by organizations to make business decisions. This analysis is essential for large organizations like Facebook who manage over a billion users every day and use the data collected to help provide a better user experience. Similarly, LinkedIn provides its users with millions of personalized suggestions regularly. LinkedIn does it with the help of components like HDFS features and MapReduce in Big Data Analytics. It has thus become an indispensable part of technology and our lives, and big data analyses provide solutions that are quick and require reduced effort to generate. It is no wonder then that big data has spread like wildfire and so have the solutions for its analyses.

Do you like handling works that help you to manage, gather and analyze large sets of data? Then you should check out the Big Data Analytics course in Delhi at TCA.It is nothing but an accumulation of large sets of Data. Salaries for Big Data Analysts range from 4 LPA to 25 LPA depending on the skills and knowledge of the BD Analytics area.

Pursuing Big Data Analytics Training in Delhi at TCA will open your doors and welcome job roles such as Big Data Analyst, Risk Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Consultant, Data Engineer, etc.

We are ready to cultivate skilled professionals to lead businesses at TCA by providing the best of best Big Data Analytics Training. Therefore, we commenced Big Data Analytics training for all the data lovers and data aspirants.

We at TCA, Delhi have a dedicated placement team and will guide you in the right direction and help you land in best of best Big Data Analytics placement opportunities after Big Data Analytics Training in Delhi and elsewhere. We also provide required placement assistance followed by Certification and proper BD Analytics Training.

From the ground curriculum to attending the Interview, we at TCA, Delhi, the best Training institute for Big Data Analytics Certification in Delhi, will assist you in your placement pathway. Yes, you heard it right, join the Big Data Certification at TCA, Delhi, and reward your career with the best of best opportunities.

According to a recent McKinsey report the demand for ‘Big Data’ professionals could outpace the supply by 50 to 60 percent in the coming years, and U.S.-based companies will be looking to hire over 1.5 million managers and big data analysts with expertise on how big data can be applied. Its investments have also skyrocketed, with several top profile companies spending their resources on Big Data related research and hiring big data analysts to change their technology landscape. An IBM listing states that the demand for data science and analytics is expected to grow from 3,64,000 to nearly 27,20,000 by 2020. According to a recent study done by Forrester, companies only analyze about 12% of the data at their disposal. 88% of the data is ignored, mainly due to the lack of analytics and repressive data silos. Imagine the market share of big data if all companies start analyzing 100% of the data available to them. Hence the conclusion is that there is no time like now to start investing in a career in big data. It is paramount that developers upskill themselves with analytical skills and get ready to take a share of the big data career pie.


Big data analytics certification is growing in demand and is most relevant in data science today than in other fields. The field of data analytics is new and there are not enough professionals with the right skills. Hence, the credibility of big data analytics certification promises many growth opportunities for organizations as well as individuals in the booming field of data science.

TCA is the best Big Data training institute in Delhi. It is a collection of large datasets that cannot be processed using conventional computing systems. BD is not just data; instead, it has become a complete subject, which includes various tools, methods, and frameworks. It is very much in demand in Delhi as there are many Competitive Advantages of Big Data in Business. BD is a large chunk of raw data that is collected, stored, and analyzed through various means which can be utilized by organizations to increase their effectiveness and make better decisions. Organizations are learning that important forecasts can be made by sorting through and analyzing it. As more than 75% of this data is “unstructured”, it must be formatted in a way that makes it suitable for data mining and further analysis.

TCA provides the best training in Delhi NCR for BIGDATA. It is a fundamental platform for structuring big data and resolves the problem of formatting it for subsequent analytics purposes. It is the best big data training in Delhi NCR. It is an Apache open-source framework written in java that permits distributed processing of large datasets across the collection of computers with the help of simple programming models. It provides massive storage for a few types of data, huge processing power, and the capability to handle virtually limitless parallel tasks or jobs.

Key Highlights of Our Course

  • 100+ Learning Hours
  • The program comes with a cutting-edge industry-aligned curriculum.
  • The course is delivered in two modes: Classroom and Online training, using a practical hands-on learning methodology.
  • 100% Placement, Internship, and Live Project assistance by industry professionals.
  • Students will be provided Videos, Backup Classes, Revision Classes, Assignments, and projects.
  • TCA Certificate Guidance
  • Deep understanding of Big Data Analytics along with business perspectives and cutting-edge Practices
  • 28+ Industry Relevant Skills
  • Trainers with 12 + Experience
  • Backup Classes, Videos
  • 0% EMI Option Available
  • Guest Lectures from Subject Matter Experts

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Big data Training Program

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Live Projects

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Affordable Fees

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Globally Recognized Certificates

Our Certificates are valued by top corporates ..


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Key Features

  • Online Live Interactive Sessions Available
  • Small batch size: customizable
  • Weekly Assignments provided
  • Topic wise case-studies provided
  • Prime focus on concept building
  • Employability Orientation Sessions
  • Courses are available at reasonable cost
  • In-depth Study Material with practice set
  • Permanent, full-time, highly qualified and dedicated faculty

Frequently Asked Questions

Authorized Training Partnership




TCA Certification is ascribed by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after conclusion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher's as well as corporate trainees. Our certification at TCA is accredited worldwide. It proliferations the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC's of the world.

  •  Earn your certificate

    Our Certified Big data Training course is exhaustive and this Big datacertification is proof that you have taken a big leap in mastering the domain.

  •  Differentiate yourself with a TCA Certification

    The practical knowledge and actionable skillset you've gained working on projects, simulations, case studies will set you ahead of the competition.

  • Share your achievement

    Talk about it on Linkedin, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter boost your resume or frame it - tell your friends and colleagues about it.


Attend TCA’s Training

Learn from industries best trainers to get dream your JOBS. We Deliver 100% Practical-based training to enable you become industry ready professional..

Deliver Projects Assigned

Gather experience with real-world assignments and practical projects to upgrade your existing skills. Complete Real-Time Live Projects assigned and become eligible to get Globally Recognized Certificate..

Earn Training Certification

Post-successful completion of the course & submission of your project, earn TCA Course Completion Certification. Post it on social media, get it framed, and increase your value in the industry..

Get Placed in TOP MNCs

We will prepare your interpersonal skills and develop resume to make you ready for the selection. Trainees are also given Sessions to learn how to face interviews. We will keep sending for interviews by the time you get selected..

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big data

We deliver corporate trainings solutions to some of India's largest private, public & Govt. Organizations.


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Key Hightlights




Preeti Pal

Preeti Pal

Amarjeet Singh

Amarjeet Singh

Professional with more than 9 years’ experience in field of Data Analytics. Worked extensively in Development Reports and maintenance projects of Advanced Excel, MIS Reporting, Power BI, MySQL & has also worked on various projects of Machine Learning.
Professional with more than 9 years’ experience in field of Data Analytics. Worked extensively in Development Reports and maintenance projects of Advanced Excel, MIS Reporting, Power BI, MySQL & has also worked on various projects of Machine Learning.

Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh

Have more than  10 years of experience in  CAD CAM CAE HVAC & Product Management industries.
As a Mechanical engineer with various specializing in CAD/CAM/CAE and project management, I have handled various Projects of  designing and manufacturing  while using CAD, CAM, CAE & HVAC, and managing the entire project from concept to completion. I do have strong understanding of engineering principles and project management methodologies.

Ravi Pandey

Ravi Pandey

Seema Soni

Seema Soni

Professional with 10+ IT and Professional experience in field of Teaching and Development.
Worked extensively in Development Reports and maintenance projects of J2SE.
J2EE & Python, Power BI, MySQL & has also worked on various projects of JAVA.
Professional Enterprises Application and Web Application Developer with the ability to use Hibernate and Spring boot techniques and leverage algorithms to solve real-world business problems. effective predictive models across different industries to accurately forecast consumer
behaviour and deliver proven results.

Anish Sharma

Anish Sharma

Technical expert at TCA Training and Development since 4 years.
As a technical expert, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in various fields such as software development using Python,  Object oriented Programming using C++, and MIS using Excel. My expertise allows me to provide unique Corporate & Classroom Training Sessions and solutions to complex problems.
I'm always staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry trends to ensure that I provide the most effective and innovative training Sessions.
My approach is to work closely with Students & Corporates to understand their needs and goals, and then provide tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements with High classified projects of MNCS and Domestic Industries. I'm dedicated to delivering high-quality Training and ensuring that my Corporates are satisfied with the results.

Rohit Singh

Rohit Singh

Highly skilled and experienced Technical Skills 6+ Years with a history of association with Education Industries (8+ Years) that provide training in the field of Accounting, MIS, ERP, Python, Java Development, & Data Analyses.
Trained 5000+ highly Qualified Students of Colleges and Universities to achieve their Career Goals on Python and Data Analytics.
Heaving 6+years in delivering Trainings to College faculties (FDP) & On-campus Project based Industrial trainings. 
Highly Trained on emerging Tools and Techniques like Internet of Things, with best in industry tools Raspberry Pie, Arduino, ESP 8266  AVRatMega 32+.
Delivered 10+ overseas sessions during Covid and post covid

Rahal Harode

Rahal Harode

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