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TCA’S Digital Marketing course is specially intended to teach students to comprehensive Marketing Techniques in Hindi. It's a one-stop-shop for Digital Marketing learning covering the basic conceptions as well as unconventional techniques of SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, YouTube, etc. The course is planned in such a way that it is easy to learn and understand the strategies that marketers can use to sell their products online.

Why Digital Marketing Training with TCA?

We built our business by providing our students with quality training and the best upkeep that we can, and we would love to show that we're 100% unswerving to thousands of our participants.

Discover the mystic in the Search Engine space with our Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi. This course is planned to help you master the fundamentals in Digital Marketing which consist of pay-per-click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, web analytics, content marketing, conversion optimization, email, and mobile marketing. It is one of the world’s fastest-growing podia, and this course will hoist you in the marketplace with a prolific career.

What Is Digital Marketing?

It can be defined as a unique marketing strategy that is instigated in digital platforms through Internet Medium to grasp the target audience. When equated to traditional marketing, search analytics gives you an superfluous edge in Digital Marketing. Analytics endows the business to scrutinize the success in their business tactics and offers the required data to transform the strategies to suit the market chucks and mend ROI. With our teaching, re-discover your creative predisposition to design momentous marketing strategies to stimulate a product/service related to any organization from any business sector.

Are You A Non-Technical Person Without Programming Skills, But Still Want To Pursue A Career In IT?

Then it will be the right course for you. It doesn’t need any programming skills, as understanding with the internet is enough to master the concepts to chase a successful career. A few months of devoted efforts will safeguard a rewarding career in the space of IT. The plea for Digital Marketing professionals is over and above the supply and this emptiness is creating ample job opportunities for non-technical graduates. TCA will help you fissure a job by doing the handholding from training to placement.

Who Should Do Our Course?

Our training program is designed to embrace every individual from all fields and backgrounds.

  • FRESHERS, GRADUATES, STUDENTS: - If you are a graduate and still a student, and you do not want a monotonous job, then this is the course for you. If you are fascinated by the digital world and want to unleash your creative side in the digital world, then you don’t have to go anywhere. You will be able to add a skill to stand out.
  • MARKETING PROFESSIONALS: - Digital Marketing is inevitable in today’s marketing world. For that, you need to have in-depth knowledge about it to generate more sales, more leads, etc. It is necessary to execute effective strategies and to integrate Digital Marketing strategies into your marketing strategies. It is equally important to maintain good communication with your digital marketing team and to maintain the brand’s reputation.
  • WORKING PROFESSIONALS: - As a working professional, you will be constantly looking for a change in your career. You can upgrade your skills or make exciting changes in your work life if you make use of Digital Marketing.
  • BLOGGERS/VLOGGERS: - If you already have a blog/vlog, you know the power of the digital space. You will surely know how effective the online medium is. This course will help you to understand the digital platforms that you can use to attract more audiences.
  • ENTREPRENEURS, BUSINESS OWNERS: - As a businessman, your constant struggle will be to fight with the obstacles. You will be looking for numerous ways to reach out to your prospective audience and with digital marketing, you can reach out to the right user. Digital marketing is very cost-effective. And this course would help you to understand the jargons used in digital platforms.

Career Options On The Completion Of The Digital Marketing Training Course

After completing this course, you will have many career options such as,

  • Work as a freelancer: - If you can’t work on a normal routine or in a particular schedule, you can prefer to work as a freelancer. This course will help you to acquire new clients, learn about negotiation skills, etc. It will also prepare you to start your career journey as a freelancer.
  • Start your own business: - Thus the course will help you to start your own business. Now that you are familiar with online platforms, you will know how to market using digital platforms using the right tools and services to reach the right users.
  • Get a job in digital marketing: - This course will make you a confident digital marketer and also secure a job of your choice. It will also help you to acquire skills that would add points to your interviews.
  • Digital media marketing is dynamic and continuously changing industry. There is a revolutionary change in the way consumers are consuming information. To understand these changes, one must be updated about the latest technologies. This has enhanced job opportunities and Companies are looking for talented and skilled employees. The market is looking for experts who can strategize marketing campaigns, plan and execute data-driven marketing, drive visible impact in the results.
  • If you love Technology, and there is a passion for learning new-age tools and mediums, then Digital Marketing is for you. Skill sets like SEM &SEO Techniques, Content Creation, Creative roles, and Social media marketing are expected in demand in the future.


  • Google AdWords certification
  • Google Analytics certification
  • It’s more than 20 years since digital marketing came into the picture and it’s one of the highest-paid jobs
  • Prerequisites to enroll for a digital marketing course
  • You do not require any particular degree or diploma

If you have basic computer knowledge like using the internet, sending an email that’s more than enough to start with.

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Accountant (Winntus Group)

There is no words to explain about TCA becuase TCA provided me best training & I also got placed in reputed company.

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Pawan Kumar

Data Analyst (My Way Energy Pvt. Ltd.)

I have done Data Analytics Training Program at TCA Training & Development. My experince was so good, trainer had deeply knowledge of particular domain. TCA has also placed me. Overall Experience is good

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Pooja Bisnoi

SAP Expert (Sky Jumper)

Hi This is pooja. I joined TCA for SAP MM Training. Rajeev Sir is very experienced trainer there, he solved my all queries regarding this. Placement cell is also good they placed me in Sky Jumper.

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